Christ Community Church is currently led by a Core Leadership team of four brethren and overseen by a Board of Trustees with Dr Ephrem Sahlu as the lead. Trustees are appointed in compliance with existing charity legislation in England and Wales and serve to ensure good governance, financial fidelity and legislative compliance in all areas.


However, we believe that the responsibility to shepherd the flock of God and to exercise spiritual oversight over the church belongs to Elders who are under-shepherds of the Lord Jesus, the head of the church (1 Peter 5:2; Acts 20:26-32). Accordingly, the Church is proactively working on growing and transitioning existing members of the Core Leadership team (and others) into the roles of scriptural eldership by intentionally preparing and equipping them for it.  At the same time the congregation will be brought into a more fuller and scriptural understanding of the roles and responsibilities of elders.